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Super Grub Disk credits.txt

From: adrian15
Subject: Super Grub Disk credits.txt
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2006 22:23:53 +0200
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You are receiving this email because you're contributed to make SGD a
reality, in an active or passive way.

This credits.txt file will appear in Super Grub Disk (
http://adrian15.raulete.net/grub/ ) just after the copyright appearing
to the user.

If you think your person or your foundation or your enterprise should be
written in another way or you do not want to appear at all at credits
here's your opportunity to tell me so.

I will include this credits.txt in about 15 days or so in Super Grub
Disk. Today it is September 1st 2006.

credits.txt content:

Super Grub Disk Team:

Adam Lackorzynski :
                - Grub legacy variables patch
                - Grub many features patch
adrian15 :      - Team Leader
                - Grub legacy hacks
                - build.sh idea
                - English and Spanish translation

Alberto Morales (amd77) :
                - Bios Date and Clock source code

Flmn :
                - Euskera translation

Herman Felderhof :
                - Graphical English documentation
                - Great tester!

Jan farres:
                - Catalan translation
Michael Schierl:
                - German translation
                - German setkeys script (Someday I'll add it to SGD :) )
                - Great tester!
Neb Ben:
                - Original Logo Designer
                - French translation
Tim Deegan:
                - Grub Legacy Error 25 when reading secondary partitions patch

Shudong Zhou : Solaris Grub patch. (Sorry for not having your email at hand)

SuSE (maybe Novell right now) for the gfxboot menu.

Yoshinori K. Okuji, Marco Gerards, hollisb, 8086 and in general all the
GNU Grub legacy and GNU grub2 team which have to deal with my:
        - Super Grub Disk advertisements
        - My continous ambition of modifying Grub Legacy which is condemned to
        - Irc discusssions

(adrian15 speaking here)

YOU: The normal user who has send any email to tell us about any error
or suggestion of improvement.


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