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Re: setvbe command to set video mode

From: Gerardo Richarte
Subject: Re: setvbe command to set video mode
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 15:13:51 -0300

adrian15 wrote:
>>    It will add a command line option "video=" to the booted kernel,
>> passing some arguments needed by the loaded kernel.
> Interesting. Automatisation of a good view of your linux.
    I'm glad you are interested. The complete option added is:


    where the first 3 numbers you can guess, after the @, the first is
the video memory as reported by VBE, and the 2nd is the scanline size. I
included the scanline size because I think it can be different than just
multiplying the width x 8, and as it's reported by VBE I thought better
to include it.

>>    I started using GRUB Legacy 0.97's source code for this, but now
>> I'm using grub_for_dos 0.41 (0.42 did not work for me) which uses
>> GRUB Legacy 0.97. I think the newer and more mantained version of
>> GRUB Legacy is that one (grub 4 dos). Which includes lots of cool new
>> features.
> I am always saying that my Grub legacy fork is the best but you may be
> right on this point.
    Sorry :-) I did not mean to offend you, and actually, I'm not really
following the forks. I just picked one that apparently suited my needs
and used it. Now, if you are going to include setvbe in your official
release, I will immediately switch to yours. I only really need
multiboot support (any GRUB), eltorito (any GRUB Legacy) and my setvbe
command (non so far).
    Then I want it to be as bootable as possible, that's why I was using
grldr, grub.exe, etc. from grub4dos. I just took a quick at your
supergrub, and it's not clear to me weather it supports ntfs and booting
from boot.ini, does it? I'd love to get rid of maintaining my own
version of GRUB.
>>    If anybody's interested, I can send it personally or to the list.
> Send it to me please. If you can send the patch for original grub legacy
> 0.97 instead of the patch fro grub_for_dos 0.41 even better.
    here's the patch for 0.97. I hope it works well... let me know how
it goes. I downloaded your sgd and patched it with my setvbe command,
everything "went well", even when some changes were rejected. However, I
think your version of grub (builtins.c at least) is old, and it does not
include some other vbe commands (vbeprobe and testvbe). I think setvbe
will still work, however, you'll need to pull some extra code from grub
> If you're bored you can make a patch for my own grub legacy fork (Check
> source code downloads (and then dev_grub) on Super Grub Disk site (
> http://adrian15.raulete.net/grub/ ) ).
    oh well... give it a try, if it doesn't work, let me know.


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