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Windows zapping by Stage1.5?

From: Bob Bell
Subject: Windows zapping by Stage1.5?
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 21:53:10 -0400
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I had Windows 2000 installed on my notebook computer. I recently shrunk my NTFS partition and installed Ubuntu, which left my drive partitioned as follows:
   /dev/hda1 * NTFS (Windows 2000)
   /dev/hda2   Linux
   /dev/hda3   Extended
   /dev/hda5   Linux swap

Ubuntu installed grub as a boot loader, which used chainloading to load the Windows 2000 boot loader when selected. Originally (i.e., the first time or two), this worked fine.

However, now when grub loads the message I see is "Grub loading Stage1.5". I do not see *any* further output. I'm guessing that this means that grub failed to load stage 1.5. Since stage 1.5 is supposed to be right after the MBR, I'm thinking that perhaps something in Windows is not playing nicely and is overwriting it stage 1.5 ?

If I boot from a CD and run `grub-install /dev/hda`, all is well. At least, until the next time I try to boot after running Windows for a while...

Is there a recommended way to deal with this situation? Other than erasing Windows, of course. :-)

Thanks in advance for your help. FYI, I'm not subscribed to the mailing list, though I did try searching the archive, Wiki, Google, etc.

   -- Bob

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