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Re: Installing to drive in USB enclosure?

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: Installing to drive in USB enclosure?
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2006 22:15:33 +0200
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Andrew Moise wrote:
  So I'm installing a new drive in a computer (vino).  The new drive is
installed in a USB enclosure attached to my old computer (mole).  I've
copied all the files over to it, and now I just need to install grub on
it.  Is there any way to do this?  I don't see any way in the grub
documentation, and nobody could help me in IRC.  This seems like a
pretty common use case.
  I have grub installed on vino currently, so I can copy any information
over (or even dd disk sectors around) if need be.
  I'm running GNU/Linux, and the drive in the USB enclosure appears as
/dev/sda on mole.

Bug-grub mailing list

Please check FAQ (If you do not find link on main webpage, check in
development link) link from

And if I remember well... i think it was the #6 question, the one that
explained how you could install Grub into a usb device. But in fact, it
servs to install Grub into any device that is bootable and it has a mbr,
whether is usb or not.

If it wasn't the #6 question you can also use CTRL+F for finding:
pendrive or usb. :)

Enjoy it. Any doubts? Just ask.

Hummm Rereading your email....
After copying the files you depending on what you want your new drive
attached to boot or to load... you will need to edit its menu.lst or

And you're warned. Usually when a drive is booted becomes hd0 (1st hard
disk) instead of the hd1 (second hard disk) that you could think.
Although this depends on the bios.

(Draft about what you will find in the url)
Copy grub files accordingly to usb device
Umount your usb device

# grub

grub> device (hd3) /dev/sda
grub> root (hd3,0) # We're supposing that Grub files are located in
/dev/sda1 #(Change the 0 if needed)

grub> setup (hd3)
grub> quit

You're done.


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