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Using RPL to load grub

From: Shaun Jackman
Subject: Using RPL to load grub
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 10:53:05 -0700


I have a touchscreen computer that has a RPL (remote program load)
network boot ROM built into it. I was able to use the open source rpld
program to load grub/stage2 and reached a grub command prompt. I was
then able to use grub's DHCP and TFTP support to load an NFS root
Linux kernel and net booted my touch panel with the stock network boot
ROM. All is good.

Except, I'd rather like to eliminate the interactive step at grub's
command line, which is necessary because grub doesn't have a config
file. So, rpld let's one place an arbitrary file into an arbitrary
location in memory. If I were able to place the grub configuration
file somehwere in memory where grub new to look for it, life would be
happy indeed. Is there such a magical place?

For reference, the rpld configuration file looks as follows:

       ethernet = 00:d0:c9:99:05:9c;
       FILE {
               path = "/boot/grub/stage2";
               load = 0x8000;
       execute = 0x8000;

Many thanks!

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