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I need some help about GRUB.

From: zh pf
Subject: I need some help about GRUB.
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 15:35:42 +0800 (CST)

  I am Pengfei Zheng, an chinese Linux user. I am intersted in USB Linux. Now, I can make a USB Linux now.(make Linux on USB disk and can boot a computer)
  My question is now to wrtie GRUB to USB disk by program in WinXP? and please give some more details about how GRUB works?
  Some infor about me:
  Computer : notebook CM1.3G RAM:512M
  Single Disk. hda1 C:(Windows) hda5 D: hda6 E:
  hda7 Linux hda8 SWAP
  OS: hda1 WinXP, hda7 redhat 9
  My step make a USB Linux.
  1. compile the kernel
  2. make root file system. (busybox is an useful tools)
  3. cp rootfs.gz and bzImage to USB disk( and grub.conf, stage1, stage2), and run command as follows:
    grub> root (hd1,0)
    grub> setup(hd1)
    grub> quit
    USB is a simple one(HDD).
    file system
   Something I know now about GRUB: grub.conf is the configure file.
   Stage1 is 512 bytes, the same size of MBR;
   Stage2 is a little large, it is do the real booting work.
   Now, I want my USB Linux can beinstalled under Windows. You know, here, little peole install Linux, sometimes they want to have a test, but they want to install it to  hard disk. So, portable Linux is suitable for them. Now, my install is under Linux. For end-users, they don't have a Linux, how install under Linux?
   My plan is program access the USB disk directly. But what information should write to the disk? stage1 to MBR? Maybe. But where is the configure information? I set root (hd1,0) and setup (hd1). Where these information store?
I want to know how the GRUB works and some more information about stage1 and stage2.
   Sorry for my poor English and Thank you very much!
                                                         Pengfei Zheng

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