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Re: grub may hang or ignore on bad/modified *.gz

From: Brian Sammon
Subject: Re: grub may hang or ignore on bad/modified *.gz
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 20:50:51 -0400

> Certainly, that's needed. But it is unacceptable that I had to find out I 
> need to do this by debugging grub (after having searched for the problem in t
> kernel and then in XEN for several hours), because it simply didn't tell me 
> that it in reality didn't know how to deal with the module. That's the whole 
> point of the bug report.

This is more likely to get fixed if you submit a bug to the bug tracker at
(and even more likely if you submit a patch yourself)

Also, be careful with phrases like "it is unacceptable", which sounds a lot 
like a demand from the boss, and may tend to alienate the grub developers, who 
aren't getting paid to work on it.

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