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Re: grub wishlist for increasing blindfriendly usage

From: Yoshinori K. Okuji
Subject: Re: grub wishlist for increasing blindfriendly usage
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 14:50:33 +0200
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On Wednesday 22 June 2005 12:50, Osvaldo La Rosa wrote:
> just a trick, maybe a commented option for future menu.lst templates:
> why ot providing the \007 (speaker beep) at the grub boot: prompt?
> This sould help people who need such a signal to know that they are at the
> prompt at that moment.
> I did an echo -e "\007" >menu.lst and puted it near the first title, but
> feel free to put it where you want/or feel it is opportune to put it htere.
> I hope you appreciate this simple suggestion who may help a part of
> Gnu/Linux and FS users.

Feel free to send a patch. Since beep is very often annoying, it should be 
possible to turn on/off that feature.


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