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pager from menues doesnt work

From: adrian15
Subject: pager from menues doesnt work
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 19:04:09 +0200

As I told you before, I've done a thing called Super Disk Grub.
As I want to make the Super Disk Grub an educational one,
I want to show contents of files.

I use cat FILE. I know that Grub has an internal pager.
But if you call cat FILE from a menu pager doesn't work (even if you put 
pager ON before the cat).

So the only way of stopping the cat is putting a pause and chopping the 
into 23 lines.

I'm using Grub 0.94 (patched with the image thing).

Is this is a Bug or the cat is not intented to be used from the gui?


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