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From: Piotr Niemiec
Subject: IOProbe
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 05:26:12 -0400

Hi there,

this is _not_ a bug report, however I hope that you don't dump this mail
therefore immediately. Didn't just find another way to contact you. ;-)

My problem is that I try to find out a way to establish which I/O port
is used when I use a certain BIOS number to access a certain drive. And
at least I just learned that your GRUB command 'IOProbe' is just doing
this. And as I also learned, the _assembly source code_ of this command
is available somewhere, but I'm obviously not smart enough to find it
(additionally, my browser is rather slow, my hardware and software [DOS]
rather 'legacy' type etc.). Can you help me?

With best regards,
Piotr Niemiec, Berlin, Germany

PS. To leave no doubts - the reason why I'm looking for this code is not
commercial. I just would like to read the Identify Device information
for a given hard disk, and with older BIOSses this can be done only
through I/O port access, as they don't provide any INT13h function for
that purpose.


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