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Re: Partition hiding w/ 2 Windows installs on 2 disks

From: Reshat Sabiq
Subject: Re: Partition hiding w/ 2 Windows installs on 2 disks
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 12:51:52 -0500 (EST)

I tried manually changing the XP (sdb2) partition id to something that
Windows wouldn't get (i used 0x93 this time), and W2000 still mounted
and recognized that partition as NTFS. So what i thought might have
been a defect or enhancement for grub, so far hasn't worked out. I'm quite
puzzled by how to force Windows to ignore that partition.
Trying to find some other ID (and a possible replacement for |= 0x10
perhaps?), i will try a set of other IDs.

On Wed, 18 May 2005, Reshat Sabiq wrote:

> In other words, it appears Windows 2000 Pro, and XP recognize partition
> type of 0x17 as a valid Windows partition. So perhaps a change is needed
> in grub, that changes the partition id to something else?
> On Wed, 18 May 2005, Reshat Sabiq wrote:
> > The example grub.conf containts hide/unhide entries, however, when booting
> > into Windows 2000, i can still see Windows XP partition as drive F:.
> >
> > The box has 2 scsi disks, and the 2nd one is now hd0, that's where XP is
> > installed. Windows 2000 is on
> > hd1.
> >
> > Has this feature been tested when using multiple disks, or does it perhaps
> > work only when hiding a partition on the same disk? I assume hiding is
> > accomplished by changing partition type to something Windows doesn't
> > recognize. However, after booting into 2000, and then into Linux, i see
> > that XP partition's type is 17, Hidden HPFS/NTFS.
> >
> > I know that documentation says this should work, but trying to make
> > sure if this is known to work across disks.
> >
> > Thanks.
> >

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