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bug report

From: Manfredo Hopp
Subject: bug report
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 16:49:53 -0300
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stage2 hangs the PC with primary partitions defined after extended partitions

Soft version:0.95

Problem description:
The installation (trough anaconda) of fedora core3 Distribution Iso Dvd produced a grub stage2 hang on the Pc, with the following disk configuration reported by Disk Druid on installation panel:

PC disk configuration
Disk 1 (SAMSUNG SV2044D)
/dev /hda
   /dev/hda1        vfat    1       64
   /dev/hda2            65    1334
       /dev/hda5    vfat    65    1212
       /dev/hda6    vfat    1213    1334
   /dev/hda3        ntfs    1335    1844
/dev/hda4 ext3 1845 2481 <------Fedora core 3 installed here

Description of disk configuration: there are three Primary partitions (hda1,hda3,hda4) and one extended partition (hda5,hda6). Partitions hda3,hda4 defined AFTER extende partition. Primary and extended partitions defined under W98 with FDISK and the other ppartions defined under XP.

Disk 2 (Maxtor 92041U4)
   dev/hdc1    vfat    1    1785
   dev/hdc2    swap    1786    1912
   free space        1913    2482

Problem work around
When installing Linux on the second disk in the free space available, it works. It works also, in defining on Disk1 (the disk that fails with the above configuration) a primary partition and an extended partition with all logical disks inside this extended partition (vg when no primary partitions are defined after the extended partition).

For more info contact me at address@hidden
Manfredo Hopp

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