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Re: Netbooting - Restricting Nic probing

From: Yoshinori K. Okuji
Subject: Re: Netbooting - Restricting Nic probing
Date: Sun, 8 May 2005 04:22:26 +0200
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On Friday 29 April 2005 02:23, Michael Hearn wrote:
> Guys - Have trawled through the archives but can't track down any
> similar issues - atleast reported against recent versions of  grub.
> I'll try and be succinct.
> I'm netbooting Dell 1650's/2650's/2850's using dhcp/tftp/pxegrub -
> pxegrub is compiled with e1000 driver.
> Each server has eth1 wired to the network that is served by DHCP/TFTP.
> Eth0  is served by a seperate subnet.
> At boot time eth1 is succesfully assigned an IP and tftp downloads
> pxegrub no problem.  However, once loaded pxegrub  probes and finds
> eth0 (and any other nic that can be initialized by the driver). This
> seems to inhibit pxegrub to download menu.lst to the correct nic of
> eth1.   Subsequently the boot process hangs.
> Is there a way to restrict the probing?

No. All you can do is tweak the source code. I proposed a solution for this 
some years ago, but I didn't implement it, because I got no response, so I 
thought there was no interest. This should be addressed in GRUB 2.


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