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Error 21, Bug or Feature Request?

From: Branden R. Williams
Subject: Error 21, Bug or Feature Request?
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 17:02:27 -0600 (CST)

Greetings! I'm a long time Grub lauder and Debian user and have been steadily working to get several of our consultants laptops moved over to Debian so when I get asked some question out in left field, I'm not dealing with the likes of RedHat 7.3 (yes, it has happened... recently).

So we are installing on IBM drives and they have these fancy little bays you can drop another HD in and whammo, you can have a dedicated linux drive to boot from! Company is pretty strict about messing with their precious image for Win32 environment.

SO Anyway.... We've got it working marvelous. Except for one thing. I installed Grub on the internal HD which only has Windows on it. If both drives are present, it works like a champ. But if I change out the second drive and put a CDRom in that bay, I get the infamous Error 21 message. Is there not a way to tell Grub to ignore a certain drive if it is not present?

If not, might that be a feasable feature request? I.e., drive Y does not exist, do not display any boot options from it. Only from drive X which is currently present and we are using its MBR to boot from.

Thanks in advance!

Blue Skies,

Branden R. Williams, CISSP-ISSAP, SuperVillan
Public Key ID: 0x394F8374
Public Key Fingerprint: 32E5 88C2 D9D3 CAE8 B84A  F4E2 F82B CCF6 394F 8374

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