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[bug #46914] breaking behavior inconsistent within a .ce block

From: Dave
Subject: [bug #46914] breaking behavior inconsistent within a .ce block
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2023 22:10:09 -0400 (EDT)

Update of bug #46914 (project groff):

                 Summary: .ce sometimes ignores right margin => breaking
behavior inconsistent within a .ce block


Follow-up Comment #13:

[comment #11 comment #11:]
>   Similar "subject" is also discussed in bug #60731

Yes, that bug has been cited here a few times, going back to comment #1.

>   It is the job of '.ce' to ignore the right margin,
> that is, _not_ to break the input line in two pieces for the output line.

Whether .ce should break input lines as a general rule is the topic of #60731;
the bug you're currently reading is only about the _inconsistency_ in breaking
behavior given specific inputs.  This inconsistency needs to be dealt with
regardless of what #60731 decides groff's general breaking behavior should

So if you want to make the case that groff should follow AT&T troff .ce
behavior, #60731 is the place to do that.

[comment #12 comment #12:]
> The request has to know where the "right margin" is (what the
> line length is) to know where the centerline of the page is.

Whether that's true depends on whether text is being centered within the
current column or on the page -- a distinction that actually seems to not be
documented in the info manual.  (This should probably be a separate bug

> This ticket should be retitled.  Dave, any suggestions?

I put a suggestion in the Summary that seems to be to reflect what this ticket
is about, but not being certain what shortcoming you were noticing in the
original Summary, I don't know whether this addresses it.


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