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[bug #63768] want configurable URL format for man page hyperlinks

From: John Gardner
Subject: [bug #63768] want configurable URL format for man page hyperlinks
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2023 07:21:37 -0500 (EST)

Follow-up Comment #16, bug #63768 (project groff):

> I think you are, as I'm trying to avoid etching this register's name, or
even its existence, in stone.

Grouse, now we're on the same page. ;-)

>  It's just SSH access, to a machine in a build farm somewhere in Europe; I
did not imagine that remote terminal connections fired up in a desktop
environment in a virtual framebuffer.  I can try this but I have no reason to
expect it to work...

I was picturing something more along the lines of an e-mail attachment,
base64-encoded output (that you could copy+paste from a terminal, if needed),
or literally anything that can get a bitmap file from an SSH environment onto
your computer.

TMU, it's not possible to run macOS in a "non-graphical" environment: even the
recovery mode (used at system startup for emergency repairs and such) uses a
GUI. Ergo, if there's a macOS box running in your build farm, there's a
WindowServer(8) instance somewhere in there.

> I don't think the last point is relevant unless you tried to undertake this
development on an FSF-owned (or -leased, whatever) host.

I recall Adobe Illustrator files (which are literally just PDF files with
editor-specific metadata and an `.ai` extension) being replaced with SVGs in a
FSF project, with the commit message something to the effect of "Remove
encumbered image formats".a

> Bernie Sanders was robbed!

You're goddamn right he was. (I woulda voted for Bernie if I was a Yank. He
seems like such a doer…)

> If support for "man:page(section)" URLs were added to Apple's apps, that
would mean we could remove explicit mentions of proprietary macOS stuff from
groff.  I think RMS would approve of their embrace of a de facto standard
pioneered by Free Software desktop environments (GNOME, KDE).

Believe me, so would I. Knowing Apple, they'll continue supporting crufty
relics from the ancient past; they're still creating .DS_Store files to record
the state of Finder.app directories, despite `~/Library/Saved Application
State` being the more obvious place for such stuff (it holds transient state
of just about every other application… yet Finder still insists on creating
.DS_Store junk anywhere that a Finder window is opened. Thankfully, I avoid
opening that fucking thing…


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