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[bug #63581] "nroff -mom sample_docs.mom" causes infinite loop

From: Gene
Subject: [bug #63581] "nroff -mom sample_docs.mom" causes infinite loop
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2023 07:54:02 -0500 (EST)

Follow-up Comment #8, bug #63581 (project groff):

Thank you for the response, sorry to hear about the recent wayward Ubuntu

It is a pity that this error is not going to be rectified, I would have liked
the functionality to have worked across all macros.   For my part I will
inform vim-groff-viewer users who are trying to do a wordcount that this is
not supported for the mom macro.  Longer term I might rethink how I do it, but
not for a while.

Although I appreciate I'm new here, I think the suggested text should be
strengthened.  Typically when something doesn't work (i.e. the terminal hangs)
I assume the fault lies in code I have written.  Resultingly I spent hours
investigating this prior to posting in this forum (obvs including reading the
relevant man files).  To say that something is "not intended for" is different
to saying we know this will break something.  If we know it causes an issue
that should be stated up front, rather than obliquely - e.g. "... and may
cause the terminal to become unresponsive".  Knowing this would save time for

Very much appreciate all responses to date and everyone's time.  As it hasn't
yet been said Happy New Year!


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