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[bug #63590] "contrib": Some spelling mistakes found with "codespell"

From: Bjarni Ingi Gislason
Subject: [bug #63590] "contrib": Some spelling mistakes found with "codespell"
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2022 16:46:58 -0500 (EST)


                 Summary: "contrib": Some spelling mistakes found with
                 Project: GNU troff
               Submitter: bjarniig
               Submitted: Thu 29 Dec 2022 09:46:56 PM UTC
                Category: General
                Severity: 3 - Normal
              Item Group: Lint
                  Status: None
                 Privacy: Public
             Assigned to: None
             Open/Closed: Open
         Discussion Lock: Any
         Planned Release: None


Follow-up Comments:

Date: Thu 29 Dec 2022 09:46:56 PM UTC By: Bjarni Ingi Gislason <bjarniig>
Subject: "contrib": Some spelling mistakes found with "codespell"

Directory contrib:

chem/chem.am:63: strangly ==> strangely, strange, strangle
chem/chem.pl:387: pass-thru ==> pass-through, pass through, passthrough

glilypond/glilypond.pl:325: createdd ==> created
glilypond/glilypond.pl:600: noral ==> normal, moral
glilypond/glilypond.pl:829: wether ==> weather, whether
glilypond/glilypond.pl:1244: splitted ==> split
glilypond/glilypond.pl:1870: directrory ==> directory
glilypond/README.txt:31: informations ==> information

hdtbl/groff_hdtbl.7.man:264: ouput ==> output
hdtbl/groff_hdtbl.7.man:1019: familiy ==> family

mm/m.tmac:3005: strored ==> stored
mm/ChangeLog:906: noone ==> no one
mm/ChangeLog:972: spurrious ==> spurious
mm/ChangeLog:997: errror ==> error
mm/ChangeLog:1122: wich ==> which
mm/ChangeLog:1159: adn ==> and
mm/ChangeLog:1227: wich ==> which

mom/BUGS:288: defered ==> deferred
mom/BUGS:404: accomodate ==> accommodate
mom/BUGS:802: occured ==> occurred
mom/ChangeLog:106: buliding ==> building
mom/ChangeLog:311: enviroment ==> environment
mom/ChangeLog:329: analagous ==> analogous
mom/ChangeLog:933: leaded ==> led, lead
mom/ChangeLog:1044: Addtion ==> Addition
mom/ChangeLog:1058: unusal ==> unusual
mom/ChangeLog:1335: defered ==> deferred
mom/ChangeLog:1659: poperly ==> properly, property
mom/NEWS:17: defered ==> deferred
mom/NEWS:187: prefered ==> preferred
mom/NEWS:263: formattting ==> formatting
mom/NEWS:289: leaded ==> led, lead
mom/examples/typesetting.mom:442: foward ==> forward
mom/momdoc/appendices.html:305: Exteneded ==> Extended
mom/momdoc/color.html:224: CYMK ==> CMYK
mom/momdoc/docelement.html:2721: pre-pended ==> prepended
mom/momdoc/docelement.html:3319: postion ==> position
mom/momdoc/images.html:1412: AJUST ==> ADJUST
mom/momdoc/intro.html:318: conjuction ==> conjunction
mom/momdoc/reserved.html:229: cirlce ==> circle
mom/momdoc/reserved.html:1083: definining ==> defining
mom/momdoc/reserved.html:1085: definining ==> defining
mom/momdoc/version-2.html:365: bacground ==> background

pdfmark/ChangeLog:215: connot ==> cannot
pdfmark/ChangeLog:317: enviroment ==> environment
pdfmark/pdfmark.ms:234: assocated ==> associated
pdfmark/pdfmark.ms:522: ouput ==> output
pdfmark/pdfmark.ms:824: analagous ==> analogous
pdfmark/pdfmark.ms:1172: preceed ==> precede, proceed
pdfmark/pdfmark.ms:2773: accomodate ==> accommodate
pdfmark/pdfmark.tmac:838: co-ordinates ==> coordinates
pdfmark/pdfmark.tmac:839: co-ordinates ==> coordinates
pdfmark/pdfmark.tmac:843: co-ordinate ==> coordinate
pdfmark/pdfmark.tmac:852: co-ordinate ==> coordinate
pdfmark/pdfmark.tmac:1514: co-ordinate ==> coordinate
pdfmark/pdfmark.tmac:1516: co-ordinate ==> coordinate
pdfmark/pdfmark.tmac:1542: co-ordinate ==> coordinate
pdfmark/pdfmark.tmac:1565: co-ordinate ==> coordinate
pdfmark/pdfmark.tmac:1619: co-ordinates ==> coordinates

rfc1345/rfc1345.tmac:310: LAMDA ==> LAMBDA
rfc1345/rfc1345.tmac:341: LAMDA ==> LAMBDA


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