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[bug #63354] Refine fallbacks.tmac

From: Dave
Subject: [bug #63354] Refine fallbacks.tmac
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2022 11:17:45 -0500 (EST)

Follow-up Comment #8, bug #63354 (project groff):

The plot keeps thickening.  The \[u2010] definition should also be removed
because (a) it doesn't seem to be invoked, and (b) it wouldn't work if it

(a): None of groff's fonts define a u2010 character.  But apparently earlier
in the process, groff intercepts the u2010 and turns it into a hyphen, so the
.fchar definition is never seen.  This can be demonstrated by changing the
line in fallbacks.tmac to read, for example:

.fchar \[u2010] GARBAGE

Even with this change, groff outputs a hyphen for \[u2010]:

$ echo 'Boo\[u2010]yah.' | groff -Tascii | cat -s

The same results are in PostScript output, even though font TR does not
contain a u2010 character.  So nothing is ever using this .fchar definition.

(b): Now let's avoid the u2010 name altogether and define a new character.

$ cat booyah
.fchar \[myhyphen] -\:
.ll 1p
$ groff -Tascii booyah | cat -s
troff:booyah:3: warning [p 1, 0.0i]: cannot break line
troff:booyah:3: warning [p 1, 0.2i]: cannot break line
troff:booyah:4: warning [p 1, 0.3i]: cannot break line

This looks like our old friend bug #58958 coming out to play.  So even if the
u2010 definition in fallbacks.tmac _were_ getting called, it wouldn't do what
you wanted anyway.

Upshot: this line should be removed.  Because of point (a) above, it's not
actually doing any harm, but ideally the shipped tmac files should be free of
dead code.


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