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[bug #62950] [gropdf] revise 'download' resolution process

From: Dave
Subject: [bug #62950] [gropdf] revise 'download' resolution process
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2022 10:28:58 -0400 (EDT)

Follow-up Comment #3, bug #62950 (project groff):

That sounds good.  Is this something you've already implemented but just not
pushed yet?

One possible advantage to Ralph's idea is that no validity checking need be
done until a font is actually called upon in a document, whereas all must be
checked up front with the system sketched in comment #2.  Still, I imagine the
performance difference, even on a system that has several hundred entries in
its download files, would be negligible.

A nice thing about perl is it makes "complicated" data structures easy to
implement.  I read Ralph's idea as using a hash where each value is an array
rather than a scalar--that is, more a hash of arrays than an array of hashes. 
(On the other hand, I've written perl code that used the latter structure but
not the former, so I perhaps shouldn't blithely declare they're both equally
simple to implement.)


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