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Re: \[sqrtex] woes (related to bugs bug #62923 and #63179)

From: joerg van den hoff
Subject: Re: \[sqrtex] woes (related to bugs bug #62923 and #63179)
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2022 20:14:00 +0100
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as a follow up to last mail:

I have now patched all my font definition files, converting all sqrt and radicalex glyph definitions to comments (i..e. prepending #).

this makes square root and extension bar perfectly aligned for _most_ fonts but surprisingly still not for all:, e.g. for DejavuSansMono there still is a slight horizontal misalignment (extension bar starting a bit early thus protruding slightly to left, overlapping the sqrt glyph) while
for PTSans the bar starts a bit late, leaving a small gap to preceding sqrt 

this also happens outside of eqn context, i.e when explicitly inserting


in the text.

again, I do not get the reason: I would have thought that by enforcing usage of sqrt and radicalex from symbol font (by removing those from the used font's font definition file) should produce
identical output of `\[sqrt]\[sqrtex]' irrespective of selected font?


On 02.11.22 17:23, Deri wrote:
On Wednesday, 2 November 2022 13:08:45 GMT joerg van den hoff wrote:
as far as I have understood the discussions in those threads, the problem
seems to have been attributed to a naming collision (or rather the presence
of a sqrtex glyph in the font)?

I believe the reason is because the glyph for the sqrtex/radicalex which groff
delivers in the Symbol font actually overlines the following glyph, and it is
the definition in ps.tmac which "corrects" this so that it works for eqn.
Other fonts which have their own sqrtex glyph actually overline themselves
(rather than what follows), so they don't need the same correction.

What happens if you include the command

.rchar radicalex

to remove this correction?



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