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\[sqrtex] woes (related to bugs bug #62923 and #63179)

From: joerg van den hoff
Subject: \[sqrtex] woes (related to bugs bug #62923 and #63179)
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2022 14:08:45 +0100
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hi everybody,

I am also encountering the misalignment issues discussed in the above mentioned bug reports with assorted third party fonts (using groff 1.22.4).

as far as I have understood the discussions in those threads, the problem seems 
to have been
attributed to a naming collision (or rather the presence of a sqrtex glyph in 
the font)?

in this case, I just want to report that for me the problem definitely is 
*without* the new fonts defining/containing a sqrtex glyph themselves (and I verified that the sqrtex -> radicalex fallback substitution/redefinition takes place for them).

attached a pdf (via grops) with examples of what I see.

question: what is the current best short explanation what is going wrong here (and why it does effect different fonts in such a pronouncedly different extent) and whether/how the user
can patch it away somehow (or even better if there might be a real fix any time 
soon :))?

personally (since using eqn a lot), this issue is quite serious since it 
effectively prevents
serious use of non-standard fonts...


ps: probably known, too, but for completeness: the MacOS pdf rendering engine can/does cause additional problems, so better view otherwise ;).

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