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Re: [bug #59933] Curly brackets displayed correctly in ps, but not in pd

From: Oliver Corff
Subject: Re: [bug #59933] Curly brackets displayed correctly in ps, but not in pdf
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2022 21:28:41 +0200
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Hi Deri and Branden,

I absolutely appreciate your dedication to these issues, and thank you
also for the detailed explanations.

The notion that groff itself is totally unaware of what happens inside a
font is transparent to me, as I think I understand the concept of a font
description file because the tfm files in TeX are similar: they contain
metrics and perhaps ligatures, but nothing else.

I do struggle now and then with the cryptic names, though, but this is
not a totally foreign experience, I assume.

Of course, I am also aware of Peter Shaffter's font installation script
but somehow I failed to achieve the desired results at the first
attempt, and then gave up because the existing fonts basically covered
what I need.

I had intended to check the installation today, tonight some urgent work
hit my desk, I'll reply on Saturday.

Thank you, best regards,


On 01/06/2022 19:21, Deri James wrote:
Follow-up Comment #4, bug #59933 (project groff):

On Wednesday, 1 June 2022 13:25:51 BST Oliver wrote:
Hi Branden,

thank you for the update!

I checked, there is no directory type1/ under /usr/share/fonts.

Then, I did a "locate a0100" and found the fonts in

Groff will probably not have these in the standard search path.

I'll experiment with setting a symbolic link from /usr/share/fonts and
let you know tonight.

Best regards,

The problem is not that groff can't find the fonts since we can view the
ESB.pdf with the braces fine. Since the fonts are not embedded in the pdf,
because the fonts used are included in the pdf base fonts, the problem is with
the actual pdf viewer.

In comment #1 I suggested producing the pdf with the fonts embedded, but I
have not heard whether that was successful. Just in case I have attached a pdf
with the relevent fonts embedded. It would be interesting to find out whether
the viewer will show the braces correctly.

(file #53264)


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