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[bug #57601] .hy 8 inhibits some breakpoints that it should not

From: Dave
Subject: [bug #57601] .hy 8 inhibits some breakpoints that it should not
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2020 05:24:51 -0500 (EST)
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #57601 (project groff):

Two additional points.

(1) The original problem description compares the default state (that is, a
.hy value of 1) with .hy 8, using US English patterns (also the default).  But
the manual says, "US-English patterns as distributed with groff need two
characters at the beginning and three characters at the end; this means that
value 4 of 'hy' is mandatory."  So neither 1 nor 8 is technically a valid .hy

However, the bug exhibits in exactly the same way when 4 and 12 are compared:

$ printf ".hy 4\n.ll 1u\n%s\n" behavioral | nroff 2> /dev/null | sed '/^$/d'
$ printf ".hy 12\n.ll 1u\n%s\n" behavioral | nroff 2> /dev/null | sed '/^$/d'

(2) I wrote a script to hyphenate every word on my list with both .hy values
(4 and 12), then compare to see which ones exhibited the bug.  Of the 20K
entries, only 80 words do.

abominable absorbent agricultural allegiant andesite appetite architectural
arrival asbestos behavioral billionth bimetallism brucellosis calliope
centipede chalcedony collegiate committable conjectural connivance consular
consulate creosote cultural discriminable dragonhead equitable escapade
espionage exhibit exhibitor exploration forgettable geodetic goldenseal
governess guttural hazardous hereafter hereinafter homogenate immutable
incommutable inequitable inequity inescapable inhibit inhibitor inhibitory
insignia irreclaimable libelous marginal millionth nobelium polariscope
procedural prohibit prohibitory puppeteer rebellious regrettable revival
roundtable ruinous saltpeter scriptural sculptural stereoscopy structural
survival thereafter transmittable tumultuous verbiage virginal voltmeter
voluptuous wastewater worktable


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