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[bug #45034] mdoc(7): add support for the mdocmx(7) reference extension

From: anonymous
Subject: [bug #45034] mdoc(7): add support for the mdocmx(7) reference extension
Date: Thu, 07 May 2015 10:18:50 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #3, bug #45034 (project groff):

"Significant simplification"?
"Completely unstable"?
"Purely experimental"?

_NONE_ of these are true!
Where did you get ANY evidence that back your words?
I have extended the following manuals with mdocmx(7):

- mdocmx.7, mdocmx.1.  Small and simple.

- nail.1: this is a VERY large and complicated manual page with multiple
hundreds of anchors and references.  (As is it is shipped with ArchLinux (and
CRUX Linux and Void Linux) in a preprocessed state and can thus be viewed in
the wild if you only patch mdoc(7), grotty(1) and less(1).  With or without
TOC, just the way you desire.  It can also be viewed if you don't patch them,
but then without references and possible TOC.  Hallelujah.)

- mdoc(7) of S-roff.  Also a VERY large and complicated manual with hundreds
of anchors and references.

- NetBSDs bus_dma.9 (C interface).  ~27000 bytes.

There is no evidence of just any problem!
Should anyone find any problem i'll fix them, of course.
Just see HOW simple the patches for grotty(1), less(1), mdoc(7) actually are!
Sorry for rising the voice somewhat.

Maybe -- maybe! -- there are manuals in the wild which can exceed the
capabilities of the preprocessor (which has nothing to do with mdocmx(7)
itself, but only circumvents missing multipass capabilities of troff(1)).
But note that nail.1 and tmac-mdoc.7.in are really, really complicated and i
don't see any problems.
And if there is still a manual page which is even more complicated, then
possibly it should be adjusted a bit, then.

Btw. the manual can now also be browsed online [1].
Of course that HTML version doesn't support references to external manual
pages, as could be easily followed on the TTY via grotty(1) and in less(1).


Thanks for your consideration.


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