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Re: Small bug in groff 1.19.2 footnote number control?

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: Small bug in groff 1.19.2 footnote number control?
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 14:35:53 +0200 (CEST)

[forwarded to the groff list also]

> One small problem is that it seems that either groff is no longer
> using the number register called ":p" for storing the footnote
> numbers, or else the instruction ".nr :p 0" isn't taking effect.  So
> we can't reset the footnote number to 0 at the start of each new
> chapter.

I'm no expert in mm; hopefully, someone on the list can help here...


> Oh, I also get a segmentation fault in grohtml if I try to convert my
> wife's thesis to html with -Thtml (in contrast to -Tps).

This is something Gaius certainly want to investigate.  Before further
investigation I ask you to download the CVS version of groff, testing
whether the crash is still triggered.

> If you're interested, I can provide you with the data files.

Please do so in case the CVS version doesn't improve the situation.

> it uses tbl in stressful ways, one footnote is so long that I had to
> add a .vs -4 to avoid a bug in groff overprinting the following page
> over the footnote body,

This might be another bug in groff's mm implementation.

> and it even uses pic to overdraw a line over a table on one page,
> via the use of diversions).

Is this a bug or a special feature of your wife's thesis?


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