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bug#32073: Improvements in Grep (Bug#32073)

From: Paul Jackson
Subject: bug#32073: Improvements in Grep (Bug#32073)
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2020 15:45:54 -0600
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>From my old Unix fart view point, Paul (the other Paul)
is herding a hundred GNU cats, small command line utilities,
many of which date their origins back to the 1970's, many of
which have over the years grown their own internal i/o routines
with specific performance specializations, but few of which
have much in the way of user customizable i/o blocking and
read-ahead customizations.

Except for the last decade, those commands spent almost
their entire lives running off spinning rust platters, which
grew (immensely) in size over the years, but which did not
change much in other performance characteristics. 

Those commands are in general not well suited to adapting to
provide maximally optimal performance across the recent
generation of storage devices, with their much more varied
performance characteristics.

I'm guessing that Sergiu has some specific needs that it seems
that grep meets, except that grep (like its hundred cat siblings)
lacks the tunable i/o characteristics needed to get maximum
performance across a rapidly evolving variety of these more
recent kinds of storage.

What I've done in situations such as I suspect Sergiu finds
himself in is to code up a custom utility, that met my specific
needs, when I had higher performance demands, while
continuing to make extensive use of the general purpose
classic Unix/Linux command line utilities that Paul E. now

I can't imagine that it would make sense to attempt to recode
a hundred classic GNU utilities to each be intelligently adaptable
goats/pigs/cats/dogs/cows/bison/... depending on the i/o
terrain they were running on.

Many many thanks to Paul E. for herding these cats all these
many years.  I hope my weird comments to not cause him even
the slightest distress.

(The word "cat" above refers to four legged felines, not to the
concatenate command line utility.)

                Paul Jackson

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