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bug#25707: [PATCH] grep: don't forcefully strip carriage returns

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#25707: [PATCH] grep: don't forcefully strip carriage returns
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2017 09:45:43 -0800
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On 02/16/2017 09:26 AM, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
It seems to me that when one bumps into some code which looks
incorrect or less than optimal, and one considers its replacement with
a more clever code,

No, that's not it. The idea was to simplify maintenance for the GNU case, perhaps at some cost to MS-Windows users, but they are lower priority so it is OK. The MS-Windows code was a mess because the two forms of auto binary-file detection could not work in combination; this was because one of the two forms was contributed later and without regard to MS-Windows. Perhaps the MS-Windows port could be improved without undue hassle to the GNU code, although that would require someone with MS-Windows expertise and enough free time to do it. Failing that, I suppose MS-Windows users can use -a and -U if they run into trouble, so it's not that big a deal.

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