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bug#15444: Bug#456943: (no subject)

From: Walter Doekes
Subject: bug#15444: Bug#456943: (no subject)
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2016 09:02:48 +0200
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Leon Meier wrote:
> As of today, the test case [...] still fails in (u)xterm.
> Any resolution in sight?

I tried to reproduce, and indeed, it fails on xterm (without the 'ne' grep
option), but not in gnome-terminal.

Does that mean that this is an xterm bug again and not a grep bug?

See this:

This works both in gnome-terminal and xterm:

  python -c 'print(" "*'$COLUMNS'+"1234")' |
    GREP_COLORS=ne grep --color=auto '[1-9]'

This works in gnome-terminal and *fails* in xterm:

  python -c 'print(" "*'$COLUMNS'+"1234")' |
    grep --color=auto '[1-9]'

Versions (Ubuntu, Trusty, latest):

  gnome-terminal 3.6.2-0ubuntu1
  grep 2.16-1
  xterm 297-1ubuntu1

Walter Doekes

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