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bug#20974: Weird newline matching behaviour in --null-data mode

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: bug#20974: Weird newline matching behaviour in --null-data mode
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2015 20:03:10 -0700

On Fri, Jul 3, 2015 at 9:59 AM, Balazs Kezes <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm running into issues with grep in -z mode. I've managed to minimize
> it into this:
>         $ seq 2 | grep --null-data --quiet '[12].2' ; echo $?
>         0
>         $ seq 2 | grep --null-data --quiet '[1-2].2' ; echo $?
>         1

Thank you for the report.
I too would like those two commands to work the same way.
The problem is that when the regular expression contains a
bracket expression with a range, grep switches from using
its DFA matcher to relying on regex, but as Norihiro Tanaka
mentioned, grep's use of the regex matcher with the
--null-data (-z) option cannot match multi-line results.

One can demonstrate the problem in the C locale too,
by using a back-reference, since that construct also causes
grep to use regex:

  $ printf '1\n1\n' |LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 src/grep -Ezq '1.1'
  $ printf '1\n1\n' |LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 src/grep -Ezq '(1).\1'
  [Exit 1]
  $ printf '1\n1\n' |LC_ALL=C src/grep -Ezq '(1).\1'
  [Exit 1]

It'd be great to fix this, but it is not on my short-term radar,
though I will add some expected-to-fail tests.

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