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No response from grep

From: Clayton Gillespie
Subject: No response from grep
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 18:12:38 -0400

Problem:  grep does not respond when given a valid command, but produces
errors for option typos

Test setup:
Create new test directory
Create file in test directory containing one line (^ = BOF, $ = EOF):
^abc "Context"def$

Test actions:
Start CygWin Terminal      [Successful]
cd to test directory      [Successful[
ls with no options confirms that test file exists.
vi testfilename     [File successfully opened and contains the correct
:quit     [Successful]

fgrep -e Context     [Carrage return, no output, no command line cursor]
Carroage return     [Carriage return, no output, no command line cursor]
ls     [Carriage return, no output, no command line cursor]
Ctrl-C to exit     [Successful, command line cursor displayed]

fgrep -e     [Output:  fgrep: option requires an argument -- 'e']

Same results using abc instead of Context.
Same results using --regexp= instead of -e.
Same results using grep -F, grep -G,  or grep -E instead of fgrep.

Processor: AMD 64-bit
OS:  Windows 7
CygWin DLL version:  1.7.18-1
Grep distribution filename:  grep-2.6.3-1.tar.bz2

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