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inverting --before-context/--after-context with -v.

From: Matt Rice
Subject: inverting --before-context/--after-context with -v.
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2011 00:38:49 -0700

I was a little confused by the behaviour of -v with -B and -A,
how it works is like:

for i in a b a c a c; do echo $i; done | grep -v -B1 "c"
c <-- before match
a <-- match

what I was hoping it would do:

not output each "c", and also not outputting the line before it.

there is possibly some way to do it with git/diff
committing the initial output/the grep -v -B1 "c" output, and an empty file,
then merging diff from committing the empty file with the original one...
(that's what I did... but not sure if some output will have a conflict)

theres probably a better way to do it with sed, but if i could figure
it out I probably wuoldn't remember it anyways.

would this be something you guys would consider adding to grep via
some new option?

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