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Re: dfa/MBS_SUPPORT cleanup

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: dfa/MBS_SUPPORT cleanup
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 12:57:12 +0200

Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> On 09/15/2011 12:27 PM, Jim Meyering wrote:
>> This series removes many #if MBS_SUPPORT guards and
>> converts many others to "if (MBS_SUPPORT ...", with the
>> assurance that MBS_SUPPORT is now defined to 0 or 1.
> Great work.  I replied with a few notes, I'll summarize them here:
> some reordering/squashing of patches, a couple of nits (patch 4, 13),
> a missing bit (patch 21), two patches to be dropped for now (22 and
> 34), some extra cleanups that were missed (patch 4, 8).
>> [01/34] maint: convert #if-MBS_SUPPORT (kwsinit)
> Please fix the problem that Stefano found.

It was a problem only internal to the series, i.e., fixed by a
later commit.  I have corrected it and rebased, of course.

Thanks for all the feedback.
I've taken most of your suggestions and will adjust a test shortly.
I've pushed the rebased/rearranged changes that were not
controversial, up to the one that you didn't like (that defines
MB_CUR_MAX to 1 when !MBS_SUPPORT) and the four following c-sets
that depend on it.  I'm about to post those.  If you see a way
to improve them, I'm sure you'll let us know.

Keep in mind that this is a no-semantic-change cleanup series.
The aesthetics of combining and reordering commits count for far less
than with patches that induce semantic change.

I've rerun the tests to ensure "make && make check" passes after
each commit.

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