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Re: Run-time dynamic linking in grep

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: Run-time dynamic linking in grep
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2011 23:22:41 +0100

Reuben Thomas wrote:

> On 30 January 2011 21:38, Jim Meyering <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Could some tool you use have converted 8 leading spaces to a TAB
>> in that Makefile?  I think emacs' whitespace mode can be configured
>> to do that.
> I think we are talking at cross-purposes here, so I'll lay it out step by 
> step.
> 1. My Emacs's whitespace mode changed the 8 leading spaces to a tab,
> because I configured it to do that for GNU code (other GNU projects to
> which I've contributed patches have used tabs in source code).
> 2. The patch I sent you therefore had this unwanted diff that changed
> a line from 8 leading spaces to a tab. Oops. Sorry.
> 3. You cleaned up the patch, which should have included removing this
> unwanted diff, and made a new patch.
> 4. You told me to apply your new cleaned-up patch to a clean git checkout.
> 5. I applied your new cleaned-up patch to a clean git checkout, and
> discovered that it didn't apply, because your new cleaned-up patch,
> instead of simply eliding my incorrect diff (8 leading spaces to tab),
> instead had the reverse diff (tab to 8 leading spaces).

Odd that you saw it that way.

Yours converted spaces-to-TAB:

and so did mine (i.e., unchanged from your original):

> But a clean
> git checkout already had 8 leading spaces. So that bit of the patch
> didn't apply.
> 6. Much confusion seems to have ensued. Sorry for any part I played in
> its sowing.
> I hope all is now clear.

as clear as mud ;-)

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