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Re: GNU grep 2.7 missing library dependency

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: GNU grep 2.7 missing library dependency
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2010 09:44:39 +0200
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On 10/06/2010 03:21 PM, Fraser, Jim wrote:
I downloaded and installed GNU grep 2.7 from
http://hpux.connect.org.uk/hppd/hpux/Gnu/grep-2.7/.  I found that GNU
grep 2.7, to be installed in /usr/local/bin/, has a hard-coded
dependency on /usr/local/lib/hpux32/libintl.so.  When I tried to run
this version of grep on a HPUX 11.31 server, it complained

address@hidden:/usr/local/bin$ ./grep

/usr/lib/hpux32/dld.so: Unable to find library


I could not find the hard-coding by "strings grep |
/usr/local/bin/grep -I libintl".  However, when I did "od -cx
/usr/local/bin/grep>grep.hex" and used vi to search grep.hex for "l
i" (small L, three space, and i), I found the hard-coded string.
Please update the run-time dependencies on the GNU grep 2.7 web page
to reflect this, and also supply a copy of libintl.so to be

When I did "swlist -l file | grep -I libintl" on our server, it found
/opt/gtk2.6/lib/libintl.so.  Unfortunately, the path to libintl.so is
hard-coded in GNU grep 2.7, so it will not use this alternate
location of the library.

I am sorry, the people usually on this mailing list are not related to this particular binary of GNU grep that you received, and in fact are unlikely to have access to HP-UX systems altogether.

The right address seems to be address@hidden (from the "Contact Us" page on the website you mentioned).


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