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grep feature request - libgrep and api docs

From: r l
Subject: grep feature request - libgrep and api docs
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 10:29:18 -0700

Maybe this is already working but I'm hoping to accomplish the following:

in perl/php/python writing a grep-like facsimile is pretty easy HOWEVER it's always slower and more cumbersome than -the real thing- similarly, using pipes to get to grep is always slow and introduces synchronization problems.

what I'd like is a libgrep that exposes the internals of grep's functions to other c programs as a library so that these could be wrapped natively for perl/python/php so that these languages could use a native grep function with full awesome grep functionality rather than an external one.

I've looked at libgrep.h from gnu/gettext project and this appears to be a kind of stubby attempt to do this - but maybe I'm wrong.

If this is "done" and libgrep from gnu/gettext IS THE PLACE and aught to be THE PLACE to look, I'm sorry for the interruption (but could use some advice about how to integrate it!).

If this is not done, it sure would be nifty if the grep codebase itself came with an api doc and would build its own libgrep and install it by default or with an optional compile parameter.

Robbie Lindauer

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