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grep-2.5.4-20090203 compilation issues

From: Brian Egge
Subject: grep-2.5.4-20090203 compilation issues
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2009 17:26:35 +1100

Thanks to the previous comments on the list I was able to get 2.5.4
compiled for Solaris 10 AMD64, 64-bit using Sun C 5.8.
I removed the three 'return' statements from search.c on lines 284, 289,
294.  To get the tests to pass, I changed 'echo -n' to printf.  FWIW,
Sun recommends printf in preference to echo - see
I was happy using grep 2.5.1 on Solaris, until I noticed the colors
looked much better in Cygwin v 2.5.3.  I'm glad to have the latest grep
working on Solaris now.  

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