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"make check" failures in 2.5.3

From: Peter Fales
Subject: "make check" failures in 2.5.3
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 08:51:44 -0500
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I'm seeing several test failures while building 2.5.3.   There are 
several failures, but this one seems representative, and it's failing 
on all the platforms we build for: HP/UX 10.20, Cygwin, Linux (RedHat
7.3), Mac OS/X 10.3, Irix 6.2,  Solaris 8 (x86), Solaris 8 (sparc), and
Solaris 2.5.1 (sparc) 

Testing:  ../src/grep Word -o -i
  input:  "WordA/wordB/WORDC/"
  output: ""
  expect: "Word/word/WORD/"
Testing:  ../src/grep WORD -o -i
  input:  "WordA/wordB/WORDC/"
  output: ""
  expect: "Word/word/WORD/"

Peter Fales
Member of Technical Staff
2000 Lucent Lane
Room: 1C-436
Naperville, IL 60566-7033
Email: address@hidden
Phone: 630 979 8031

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