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Extra slashes in ~grep/po/Makefile

From: Steve Kenton
Subject: Extra slashes in ~grep/po/Makefile
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 10:58:07 -0500
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There are several places in the Makefile for the po directory that use the following construct. It only occurs in the po directory, not any other directory under grep source tree. And, is seems to be a fairly old bug which has occurred in previous versions of grep, not just current.

$(var1)/$(var2) when $var2 is already an absolute path with a leading slash.

After evaluation this results in a path with double slashes, which is normally harmless, but on Cygwin this is interpreted as an attempt to use a network path and error out.

For example, configuring grep with --prefix=/snap/build results in the following error for make install

mkdir -p -- //snap/build/local/share
mkdir: cannot create directory `//snap': No such host or network path

I tried to work out a patch but quickly lost my way in the substitution involved in configure and Makefile.in Hopefully someone which a clearer understanding can nip this one at it's source

FYI - Steve Kenton

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