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Re: grep-2.5.4-20080209b test failures

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: grep-2.5.4-20080209b test failures
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 11:17:32 -0600

    I don't know what's different in CentOS 5 that's causing these tests to

Apparently it is something in the Czech locale support, and maybe color?
It's going to take someone more conversant with Czech than I am (in my
complete ignorance :) to really debug it.

For instance, the first failure in fmbtest.sh is "Test #4 F", which is this:

test4="$(echo `LC_ALL=cs_CZ.UTF-8 ${GREP} -${mode}iw -f cspatfile csinput \
               | LC_ALL=C sed 's/^.*\([0-9][0-9]\).*$/\1/'`)"
if test "$test4" != "01 02 08 13 17 19"; then
  echo "Test #4 ${mode} failed: $test4"

$test4 ends up being 01 02 08 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20, i.e., when 17 was
expected after 13, 14 was found.  I do not know what's really being
tested here.

The other failures in fmbtest are also Test #4, modes G and E.

The failures in foad1 are also apparently related to the Czech locale
and color (I've replaced the real binary characters with ASCII for this

Testing:  ../src/grep i --color=always -i -F
  LC_ALL: "cs_CZ.UTF-8"
  input:  "a\304\260b/"
  output: "a^[[K\304^[[K\260b/"
  expect: "a^[[K\304\260^[[Kb/"


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