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I volunteer to work on a couple of items

From: Reuben Thomas
Subject: I volunteer to work on a couple of items
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 19:33:11 -0400


I've independently done work on both of these TODO list items:

* Check FreeBSD's integration of zgrep (-Z) and bzgrep (-J) in one binary. Is there a possibility of doing even better by automatically checking the magic of binary files ourselves (0x1F 0x8B for gzip, 0x1F 0x9D for compress, and 0x42 0x5A 0x68 for bzip2)?

* Lazy dynamic linking of libpcre, libz, and libbz2?

I'm currently in the process of sorting out copyright assignment to the FSF for work on grep, and I'd be happy to sort out the above two items.

I have submitted a patch for current CVS to implement zgrep in grep (-Y, as -Z is already taken!). (I originally submitted this patch to the maintainer a year ago, but had no response, hence my slow followup; I hope using this list and the Savannah patch tracker is a better method.)

I have also written a patch for Debian to support lazy dynamic linking of libpcre, where it is needed because grep is in /bin and libpcre is in /usr/lib. If such a patch were welcome upstream I'd be delighted, so I'd be happy to port this patch upstream and extend it to libz.

Similarly, I'd be happy to write a patch for -J (decompression using libbz2) and lazy dynamic linking for libz and libbz2.

Finally, I'd also be happy to look at transparent auto-decompression using magic. I suspect this is a more delicate area design-wise, and hence best done last.

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