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need help searching file sets

From: voltaic
Subject: need help searching file sets
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 19:51:16 -0700 (PDT)

i'm having a problem that i was sure i could figure out on my own, but have
had no luck as of yet:

i have 2 sets of files, a large set, and a smaller set.
i want to see if any of the files (filenames, case insensitive) in the
smaller set exist anywhere in the larger set.

what i have done is create a list of the files in the larger set by using
i did the same with the smaller set except omitted the path name giving me
one filename per line.

i thought i would be able to use something like grep large_file.txt -f
small_file.txt -i

this is a set of files for a windows machine, hence the -i
i also tried with -F thinking that might be the problem, but ended up with
similarly disappointing results.

whever i run this i inevitably get a list of files that is either exactly
the same as the large list, or same as the small list.

anyway, i would love some help, i thought this was THE way to do this, but i
might be barking entirely up the wrong tree, but just the same, i would LOVE
some help!!

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