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[patch #4354] add --no-recurse-symlinks feature

From: anonymous
Subject: [patch #4354] add --no-recurse-symlinks feature
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 07:13:18 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #4, patch #4354 (project grep):

Hi, many thanks for your comments.

No, I don't think grep needs to implement all of find's expressiveness.  But
it would be good at least to have a way to recurse without following
symlinks, as this is the basic functionality that you get with -R in other
GNU programs such as ls or chmod, so I'm a little surprised it isn't already
the default for grep.

I think the --symlinks=ACTION idea is a good one, but I feel that the actions
should be "follow", "skip" and something like "follow-if-listed".  The reason
for "follow" rather than "recurse" is that some links may be to regular files
etc.  If we go this route, then for consistency this option should also apply
in the absence of recursion, even if it is rarely useful to specify it in
that case.

I am going to be unable to check this page for at least the next few days,
but I'll have a go at producing an updated patch I guess some time later next
week, unless anyone else feels like doing it in the meantime.

Many thanks for the suggestion regarding code cleanup.  I suspect that the
specific lines may change a bit anyway in the updated patch, but I will try
to apply the same principles.  (Somehow I'd got the impression that GNU style
was to use braces even for single-statement if/while/for, perl-style, but
obviously this is wrong.)


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