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Re: --with-included-foo={yes,no} and which foo.h to use?

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: --with-included-foo={yes,no} and which foo.h to use?
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 16:43:07 -0700
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As it happens, yesterday I updated gnulib regex to use the latest
version from GLIBC.  This is a big deal: it's a 20,000-line patch.


I plan to import this change into coreutils today or tomorrow.

I also found the bug that Charles Levert mentioned.  I fixed it in
gnulib and reported it here for glibc:


so you don't need to report it.  (I have no response yet from the
glibc regex guru.)

I suggest that grep use gnulib regex rather than importing regex by
hand from glibc.  This will require some changes to the patch that
Charles Levert proposed in
In particular, regex.m4 needs some significant changes; the version in
Levert's patch is incorrect for glibc's newer code.  Also, one include
file gets moved and one removed, so there's no longer a

Using gnulib will help us all share any such improvements in the build
process.  I have some more changes in the pipeline, but they are all
code/porting cleanups, not bug fixes.

You can use gnulib-tool to import sources from gnulib.  This is item
#2 on grep's TODO list.  Presumably you're going to wait on
gnulib-tool until after the next grep release, but it should get done
eventually; it'll save you some work in the future.

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