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[bug-grep] [PATCH] --initial-tab, 3 newly colorized items, and GREP_COLO

From: Charles Levert
Subject: [bug-grep] [PATCH] --initial-tab, 3 newly colorized items, and GREP_COLORS
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 08:45:39 -0500
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[ There are too many different (official and documented) mailing lists
  and web sites for GNU grep.  This is something that should be tidied
  up in the distribution.  I am sending this here as well to make sure
  the news of its existence does not get lost.  Sorry if you've already
  seen it.  ]

I created a set of patches at the project page on Savannah for the latest
CVS version.  Please this it out.



        * New "-T" / "--initial-tab" option (both invocations are
          consistent with GNU diff).  This will make sure that the
          first character of a content line is on a tab stop, so that
          the alignment of tabs looks normal.

        * Three other colors when "--color" is in effect, in addition
          to the existing one for matched text.  They are for the file
          names, the numbers (line numbers and octet offsets), and the
          separators (for fields and groups of context lines).

        * New GREP_COLORS='mt=01;31:fn=35:nu=32:se=36' environment
          variable that has priority over and deprecates
          GREP_COLOR='01;31', which is still supported.

        * Updated TeXinfo documentation and man page.

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