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bug#55454: Icecat not updated on F-Droid

From: bill-auger
Subject: bug#55454: Icecat not updated on F-Droid
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2022 08:46:06 -0400

gnuzilla does not publish to f-droid - upstream projects
generally do not publish prepared packages of that sort - if you
find a problem with any pre-packaged binary icecat, or youd like
the package upgraded in that repo, you would need to contact the
person who publishes the package

i dont know about the f-droid repo specifically; but normally,
the package itself would tell you who the packager was, with
contact information and how file bug reports

but WRT gitlab.com specifically, it is not likely that upgrading
icecat would change the behavior - the reason why you can not log
in is documented in BR #47276 "Stuck at Cloudflare 'browser
checks'" - that includes patches to make it work (and other
websites guarded by cloudflare); but the patches have not yet
been accepted into icecat


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