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bug#38341: webauthn support?

From: Jack Hill
Subject: bug#38341: webauthn support?
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2019 17:11:29 -0500 (EST)
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On Sun, 1 Dec 2019, Chris Marusich wrote:

I'm typing that from memory, so it might actually be "Unknown U2F
Exception"; I'm not 100% sure.  But it's definitely a little window that
appears, which says something along those lines, with no additional
information.  Is this the same problem you see, Jack?

Yes, this is a similar to what I see.

On one site, I see this message: "Security key authentication failed."
On another site, I don't get an error message, but can't make it past the "Security device authentication page".

The hardware token I'm using is a solokey, which as an LED that changes color when the computer has asked it to do something and I need to press the button. When webauthn doesn't work the LED color never changes.

Jack, does your error come with a specific message of any kind?  Does it
occur when using the Guix-built IceCat preview?  Does it occur when you
build it manually on a non-Guix GNU/Linux system, following a procedure
like the one I describe above?

The error occurs using the Guix-built Icecat preview. I have tried building the preview by hand on Fedora 31, but have not gotten it to successfully build yet.

One error seems to be:

Some errors have detailed explanations: E0119, E0204.
For more information about an error, try `rustc --explain E0119`.
error: could not compile `style`.

I tried to follow your build instructions with rust and cargo from the (in this case) Fedora repositories, and cbindgen form `cargo install`. Perhaps the Fedora rust is too new?

$ rustc  --version
rustc 1.39.0

Some musings: I didn't see any u2f-related dependencies to satisfy before starting the build (I wondered if the Guix package was missing an input). The C++ compiler being used was clang++. I think g++ is being used on Guix.


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