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mime types

From: Pablo S. Casas
Subject: mime types
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 20:46:51 +0200 (CEST)

Hi IceCat community:

   If I pass the link
http://www.ma1.upc.es/~casas/trabajos/Casas-CEDYA7.pdf to Icecat, it
is open with Okular without questions, which is the right behaviour.

   Instead, with the link
Icecat pops up a window asking for the program to open a PDF file, but
Okular is not default option, as is set in Preferences ->
Applications. The default option is "browse". No matter whether the
option "do this automatically with this kind of file" is set or not,
each time the same question for the program to open the PDF file is

   I wonder what is the difference between the two links purposed.

   If try the same with Firefox, the behaviour is similar, but at
least it gives Okular as default option.

   The version used is 3.6.11 in both Icecat an Firefox, but this
error is also in version 3.6.10. I think the same problem appears with
other mime types. I use Mandriva 2010.1.

   Does somebody know how to fix this in Icecat? It's annoying having
each time to select /usr/bin/okular as the program to open PDF files.
Thank you very much.


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