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Re: Compile without CA

From: Emmanuel Revah
Subject: Re: Compile without CA
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 07:46:24 +0200
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Le Ven 22 octobre 2010 5:23, Nicolás Reynolds a écrit :
> an empty ca-certificates package, maybe?

Would this work ?

> or you could use perspectives :)
> http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~perspectives/

The idea seems interesting.. . but, that's not what I am looking for.
As a matter of fact, since we are off topic, I recently gave some thought
about SSL

Their I explain an idea on how to verify an SSL fingerprint without
depending on a central authority, via DNS.  I'll need to finish up some
notes on that but for now, I would just simply really like to know if it
is possible to compile Icecat without any built in CAs.  I would like to
not give away my trusting capacity and not have to manually delete all the
CAs etc etc.. .

I'm maybe a bit new to this but really do not like the way the who SSL
business works.



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