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Memory overflow when compiling

From: Teresa e Junior
Subject: Memory overflow when compiling
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 08:20:47 -0300

Hello, GNUzilla team!

When trying to compile icecat-3.6.9 from the Launchpad sources, there
was a huge memory overflow, and after my system was totally frozen
for more than 40 minutes with high disk usage, I killed it, fearing
what would be the worse: hd overheating or damaging the disk when

Now, I must be doing something wrong, because it's not much, but I
believe that lots of people can compile icecat with 2GB of ram. (+1GB
in a swapfile).

I'm compiling with the following:
debuild -k$GPGKEY -j2 

Thank you!
Teresa e Junior

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